Friday, 3 February 2006


Are you an old sole?
The older you become karmically, the more weary you become of this world. Imagine having repeated hundreds of lives, over and over again repeating mistakes or creating new ones, feeling pain over and over again. It is indeed an awful state. The good news is that by now you have learned a lot of lessons and you are closer to ending your earthly duty – you have grown cynical, bored, desensitised. You are attracted to expanding your consciousness whether that be through meditation, drugs, HemiSync® brainwaves, technology, books, philosophy, the Internet. You’d rather live in your dreams than in ‘reality’. In fact your dreams tend to become what you choose to be reality whilst the physical world becomes a dream itself – you being one of its ghosts, haunting the earth, trying to find a way out. You are indeed closer to a ghost rather than a human being although you might now quite be aware that. People close to you (they’re not a lot) share the same concerns as you – you have probably shared hundreds of lives together and you feel that for each other. They too, in their own way, seek escape and quiet – some of them might resort to very drastic measures, others might fall into depression. Some might insist into assimilating into everyday life and fail miserably and others might simply try to kill themselves. In the end of the day, you are all outcasts.

This is a crucial time – you have now reached a state of a Repetitive ‘Ghost’ Continuum, you must now consciously and willingly break apart from this world and its attractions (emotional, material, intellectual, etc.). Of course, you could always go with the flow and reach a lower astral plane in another 2-3 lifetimes, but then you risk being stuck there for a long time and risk coming back to earth also. I would suggest if you reach a lower astral plane, to ask for guidance for a route upwards – it won’t take long. As discussed before, even when you choose to go a certain path of let’s say more active disengagement from the material world it’s still part of the natural progression of life – you are not creating your destiny, you are fulfilling it. Yet at the same time it’s wholly up to you since at this matter reflexivity always prevails. Therefore, destiny should be regarded as something that we completely control yet it somehow is predestined. So, why not things make easier and faster for you – if you are attracted to disengagement, then you should better do something about it.

Negotiation Period
Must clarify that an attraction to disengagement has nothing to do with an attraction to death. This is quite the opposite of death – a place of almost infinity and high sense of morality, not a lot of people are ready for such a place. Also there is no need for death to disengage, you can leave your physical body whenever and return back – this should be seen as a kind of liaise with the higher planes. In other words, now that you have reached close to the end of your physical existence, you must start negotiations with the higher forces. Once you have achieved clear communication with your guardians, protectors, friends, etc, you can visit your Akashic Records and see what’s up with your life, like your past lives, your future etc. If you see that there is a future life in your future, you might be able to negotiate it and evade it, you might also actually like the idea of that next life and go for it.

Lucid Hints
Once you start practicing this disengagement and establishment of communication, you will immediately see results. Your dreams will become more and more lucid and quite prophetic. This is because in the early stages you are granted only partial memory. That means that you might be actually astral projecting every night but you simply don’t remember the action of projection – although you might remember other things that happened later on. The things you do remember when you wake up are usually the most important bits of the whole journey. For example lets say in the course of your journey you have reached your Akashic Records and perhaps willed to see your future in 100 years. When accessing Akashic Records, you actually ‘live’ the events as they will happen in something that can be only compared to a very real Virtual Reality room. When you later wake up you might remember only a flash from the future and nothing of what led to it. This partial memory was left because perhaps a certain event in your future had impressed you but since you have no memory of what it actually represents, you disregard it as a random dream. When you have recollection of lucid dreams it means that you are on your way. You should try to ‘wake up’ in your lucid dreams and take complete control of the dream, including its memory imprinting. For example I had a recent dream of a cat being hurt, I instantly awoke in my dream and healed it with white light, in another occasion a cat protected me (obviously I have a cat-formed protector) from a foe and then wisped me to a distant future – clearly I had been guided by my protector to the Akashic Temple.

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