Friday, 13 April 2007

The Programmer

The universe? Well, it was quite a radical idea for its time, although at the time there was no time. It was based on a simple code really, with a few basic parameters; its elementary structure was the manifestation of the strange theory of "opposite attraction." This revolutionary hypothesis postulated the expression of two interacting yet completely opposite forces. These opposing forces in their pure state had no characteristics or attributes, the only distinction between them was their inherent division and contradiction. In the core of each force we placed an equal sample of the opposite force, so as to ensure an underlying attraction and prevent their cancellation. With this cross-sampling we accomplished a stable single force with its foundation intrinsically divided yet constantly attracted in itself. This force can be imagined as a disc containing a particle and an anti-particle with their nuclei switched between themselves. Once this basic set of code was completed, all we had to do was to set it into a spinning motion; in effect our part in the creation of the universe was only that of the initial dual code and that first push to set it into motion. After that, everything just took form on its own; of course we had already anticipated some of the first explications of the code, but we only anticipated up to a certain point, afterwards the code would get too complicated to predict.

In essence what happened was that this “particle” if one may call it that, started duplicating itself, creating many particles that, driven by their inherent attracting opposite forces started interacting with each other. The growing in complication interactions between these particles would create bigger clusters of particles that as units would interact between even bigger units. This new dynamic created by the interaction between the primordial particles is what created the first manifestations of time, space and evolution. The latter most importantly was an after effect of the initial spinning motion that we had specifically programmed. Particles work alone or together to evolve into more complicated sets of parameters, and therefore receive more means to react and evolve further. As they move along the spiral like motion, they interact with each other and their reaction brings about a change that is internalised in a loop. Once the particle-group is habituated with this new set of coding it springs upwards continuing the spiral motion, in other words, it evolves. One could then say that evolution is a result of program conflict.

The first complicated programs to evolve are what are called the “Master Programs.” These are very large in space yet quite simple in coding structure in comparison to the “Living Programs”. The Master Programs are essentially pure equations (combinations) of particles that interact with each other at a larger scale. These include (in no particular order): gravity, electromagnetism, radiation, stars, black holes, galaxies, nebulae, dark matter, elemental matter, minerals, crystals, atoms, quanta. Note how all these are interrelated with one another, forming groups and sub-groups. Once all the Master Programs are established we come to the end of the first wave of explication of code.

The second wave of program evolution came about when the Master Programs, having reached a saturated state of complication of code started creating more complex structures, the “Living Programs” as aforementioned. This new set of programs in comparison to their ancestors, were very compact containing far more information yet occupying a miniscule amount of space. This meant that they did not possess the global scale influence that the Master Programs had, although they themselves were largely influenced and motivated by the Master Programs as a basic background framework. Examples of the first manifestations of this complicated set of codes include proteins, and early forms of nucleic acids. These new programs, following the primordial notions of movement, action, reaction, interaction and reproduction kick-started their own game of evolution among themselves (always with the Master framework as a backdrop) that itself evolved to a new dynamic called “survival”, or in simple terms, the perpetuation of a particular set of code.

I guess the point of this experiment was to prove that through an oxymoron, a paradoxical set of coding, an anti-reality if you may, we could create (anti-)entities capable of experiencing or producing reality in themselves. Capable of realising that the reality that surrounds them can only be anti-reality, and henceforth devising and discovering ways of uniting with the real world. What we had in fact proven was that it was possible for a perfectly complete individual living entity to be born out of nothing, well, almost nothing. It was an interesting experiment, aye, it ignited some heated debates at its time but like all fads, it just faded away at some point, abandoned, left in its own devices. Now and then I wonder whether there are still living entities in there, wondering why their world is so absurd, trying to find their way out…

The truth is… “nobody” actually programmed this system you call the “universe.” The programmer of the universe was programmed by the programmer of his own universe; just another program created by another program in the grand hierarchy of programs…