Sunday, 5 February 2006


A general feeling of euphoria. Nothing has changed – yet all is accepted. One looks for a meaning and one then finds none. Contemplation finally brings about the revelation: there is no meaning in meaning, yet meaning is all there is. In other words, you don’t have to look for meaning or purpose, it’s all in front of you, or the absence thereof. You just, live, as an outsider, an outcast, a ghost, an observer, a thought form. Perhaps, you are too far ahead for anybody to understand you, perhaps you are just talking a completely different language, or occupying completely different dimensions. But let’s face it – the chances for your growth and success in the general public are very much, slim. Perhaps you are in a minority of people? A minority of let’s say… 1.4%? And anyway in this world, even the winners are losers in the end. I guess you just try to make what’s best for you from your outside surroundings. Just like a caveman would have to improvise to I dunno make fire or hunt or make tools or whatever to make his sodding life easier – so do you just hang on from things, knobs, table tops to make your life as easier as possible until death finally comes. You are not special, you are just… different. A mistake of evolution, an old sole, the bottom of the food chain? Is it perhaps time to look inwards? To search for new, better realities perhaps, or even enhance our very personalities. Maybe you are a star seed, a recurrent soul that awaits for things to change. Whatever you do, don’t do drugs. Drugs are bad, seriously. Then again some LSD is always good to convince anybody about the higher realms of reality. So is K for a near-death experience, or lots and lots of skunk in combination with HemiSync® brainwaves. Now that’s a treat. But seriously if you can remain sober… the better for you. Anyway, I’m depressed that’s why I am giving a shpeal. Bye.

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