Tuesday, 7 February 2006


Last night I experienced a state of dual consciousness during an astral projected lucid dream. My guardians presented me with my own brain to demonstrate how I was experiencing a dual consciousness. I was outside my brain in a more subtle physical existence, a more lucid one and a more fluid one, it felt like I was made out of liquid, but quite thicker than water. My brain was presented as a display in a museum, it too possessed this fluid, LSD-like, appearance. It was brought to my attention by my guardians (although they are now but shadows in my memory, although I do remember their giving hands) that I was in fact outside my brain looking at it, yet at the same time it thinks, which means that I think. Suddenly my brain started thinking, “I have astral projected, I must remember this when I wake up.” It is a paradox but I had in fact witnessed myself/mybrain thinking from a third perspective, as if I was not my brain, or more like my brain had been objectified and diminished below the true intelligence of the astral existence. As soon as my brain started to think independently of me, it started witnessing me – the brainless me. So in effect, I was watching myself watching myself. It is very difficult to explain – imagine looking yourself at the mirror, while you are simultaneously behind the mirror looking at yourself through the mirror. This state didn’t last for long as I (which part of I?) tried to concentrate more on recording the incident so that I could remember it when I wake up. I still have bad memory issues with my astral projections, but obviously I’m working on it, and it has paid off last night. Was it an astral projection or perhaps a wishful dream? No one can really tell at this point, but this is just my physical self that is constantly questioning here.

It is interesting how always in the Eastern based philosophies, but also in the more modern alternate reality investigations, there always seems to be an unconceivable plane – what some people call God. See, the highest ever plane for someone to reach is the Soul Plane, or Soul residence. This is the true home of the soul, the source, and the only plane that is indestructible. But deeper in the centre of the soul plane lie another 3 planes that no one can access. First is the invisible area, so you can’t even see it, then inside it is the forbidden area and then the ultimate centre is the anonymous centre. Quite a nice collection of names there, particularly… friendly. What is God hiding anyway? Those three planes are meant to be inconceivable, inaccessible, unborn, unlimited etc. etc. So we agree to some sort of dictatorship here – although its citizens might be more than willing. See the citizens of Soul City, have ultimate knowledge – they know what is beyond their own plane simple because otherwise we wouldn’t have this information ourselves. They are very content with the condition of things, they realise the importance of purpose and of the karmic journey, they exist in inconceivably higher states of consciousness and morality, they are the true infinites. When you reach infinity I guess you are a god, so there is no reason for you to question anything, in fact you have no questions whatsoever. It still bugs me though, why should the source remain inaccessible? One explanation could be that this ‘source’ is not really the ultimate source. Perhaps and most probably there is a post-cosmic plan beyond the reaches of our knowledge. Perhaps ‘God’, this anonymous centre, is just one of many of these consciousness ‘balls’ that exist in a post-conscious environment (as previously discussed). Now that is truly an unconceivable state, a supra-deus state. What I mean by post-conscious is the very fact that, ‘God’ in the eastern philosophies and plane theories is pure consciousness – that is the ultimate goal after all. No matter, no thoughts, no time/space, just pure consciousness. Everything is supposed to be made by consciousness, it is the stuff that God is made of let’s say. In a post-conscious state pure consciousness is not the ultimate existence, in a post-conscious state consciousness coexists with other forms of ‘being.’ Clearly therefore it is very much possible that we are just intrinsic properties of consciousness, we are in effect, consciousness interacting with consciousness within a medium of consciousness. To make things clear I have made these diagrams. On the left you can see the body of god and its various parts: matter (like our universe), subtle matter (astral planes, causal planes etc.), then the indestructible Soul residence surrounding the source. Now, all these planes are created and sustained by the ultimate consciousness, and are hence all made out of consciousness. All this in its infinite totality maybe called GOOOOD. Now on the right we see the probability of loads of these gods – the black environment that surrounds them is the post-conscious universe, a state that mere products of consciousness like us can never, ever conceive. Now that’s what I call UNCONCEIVABLE.

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