Tuesday, 21 February 2006


Give APOPHENIA a chance (for pete’s sake)
As I am progressing through my astral projection techniques, I’m slowly but steadily making progress. I might not have had a complete conscious OBE yet, but I’m quite close to it I know it. My dreams have become more symbolic lately. I’m noticing synchronicity and telepathy all around… As I said I’m perhaps just trying to see patterns where there are none, but as a true sufferer of apophenia, I’d rather think there are. Anyway part of the whole experience of astral projecting, is that you do discover patterns and symbols in your life all around. This apophenic experience one may feel on the physical plane happens because you tune yourself towards the higher, implicated planes where symbolism, unity and synchronicity prevail. So, although from a physical perspective those patterns you see might not be altogether valid, from an astral perspective it is just the first step to your “initiation” as a conscious astral entity. Henceforth, if you manage to reach a high spiritual state in the astral plane while still well and living in the physical plane, you will no longer be an astral body trapped in a physical body, but an astral body that uses the physical body merely as vehicle, for its own convenience and understanding. When you reach this ‘driving’ state, you no longer see/feel the physical world solely with your physical eyes and 5 senses, but you use the higher medium of intuition and of course your third eye. This means that the world no longer makes sense in its physicality or material substance, things are no longer things, ie. they are no longer separate from each other. And this is what the astral ‘eyes’ achieve really, they diminish the separations between things and rather concentrate on the connections between things. These infinite connections between things are the only things that matter from the astral perspective. Everything in the astral plane is connected and coherent, and so will the physical world manifest itself (perhaps only partly) as you develop you astral understanding. Enter the world of implications, meaning, symbolism, and non-causality. Can’t get better than that now can it.

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