Sunday, 5 March 2006


I fly. Every night I fly out of the window. And float over my street. I fly to the train station, and follow the rails to London. I reach Waterloo station and glide over Trafalgar square. Then I beam wherever I see fit.
Walking people ask me why I don’t walk. I have no answer to give them. Why not fly? Is it to so absurd to want to? I try to keep a short distance from walking people when I’m with them, maybe 1-2m above them. When they stand I graciously hover just a tad above in a graceful arch position. When they talk to me I subtly lean my body forwards so it is directed towards them to show that I do not regard myself superior. They still have to look upwards to communicate with me but that is what you get when you hang out with a flying friend. Although my perceptions are acute, the height tends to undermine common occurrences amongst walking people. Therefore I sometimes seem to ‘miss’ things, but that’s a misunderstanding for I perceive everything. I just tend not to dwell or analyse it unless specifically asked to.

Flying exercises:

Run and jump: A fun exercise and the best for novices, wherever you are just run forwards to gather momentum and then jump straight ahead adjusting your body horizontally. The air and the momentum will help you float and momentarily push you quite further. Once safely in the air push your body towards the direction you want to move. If you keep finding yourself in the ground, repeat as necessary.

Just jump: Once you get accustomed to flying a simple jump will get you flying in no time. As you progress you will find that the transition becomes almost effortless and seamless.

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