Thursday, 25 August 2005


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So like, yeah, the accuracy of this essay is incredible. There’s not one sentence that I completely disagree with. In fact there are only around 2-3 sentences in this essay I had to think about, the rest are just blunt “duh” facts about my personality. It’s good to know that only around 1% of the population is InTp, that would explain a lot of things… I can’t help making a comparison to the Human Categories I was talking about in the previous entry. Perhaps this 1% compromises mostly of the higher level people that is the “spiritual leaders”, or perhaps not. I can’t find a way to factually collate the two, but it is an interesting coincidence I must say…

I won’t go into the cliché of talking about the implications of this InTp thing, like “would this mean we’re robots, functioning on some kind of chaotic pattern?” or “could we introduce a social system that encapsulates all this, leading to socio-psychological harmony?” The important question is: could this mean that perhaps we have allowed ourselves to function within these boundaries, transforming us into total subordinates of our own mind?

Human Frequency pattern
Recognising and observing our very own actions and reactions within this framework is certainly a step forward… but Observation and Analysis are the very essence of my InTp personality so what the fuck? Then again, the essence of meditation is discovering your boundaries in order to surpass them. Remember those stupid circles I was making for Karmic breakthroughs? That’s what I’m talking about. Again. And lets thank CG Jung for this cool theory of his – an InTp himself… It is very obvious that human consciousness is in fact just a frequency – and a frequency can only but be a distinct pattern. Can we shift this frequency, for our own personal amusement? If we don’t then that would make us some very complicated machine, perhaps a very failed alien experiment left on earth in its own misery; a futile replicating creature that has no real purpose but to perpetuate its own fleeting kind. Perhaps that is the case – but since I have taken up the rather comical disposition that we in fact do have a soul, then YES you can shift this consciousness and go to other worlds, and meet fairies and unicorns and little green men, and break into infinite masses of light, and become eternal love and so on. Then again, whom am I kidding?

Evolution Revolution Love
See, such is the fatalistic outcome of this personality type theory – that one cannot help but succumb to the predictability and simplicity of its argument. If we accepted the fact that yes, we are robots, we work in such and such way, the following patterns apply, and these are the boundaries of our understanding and intelligence, then life would be easier right? But noooo. Life is hard. You have to work hard. You have to move on and advance. I seriously doubt it if people advance in any substantial level during their lifetime to be honest. I just wonder whether even trying to advance is futile in this patterned predictable world. But then again, perhaps the whole thing is just subject to evolution – and maybe, just maybe, these minorities of people like the InTp’s or the EnTj’s, or the ‘spiritual leaders’, represent the small mutation within the human framework that might potentially ignite an evolutionary revolution –or meltdown. My highly developed iNtuition – is aiding my superior yet Introverted function of Thinking to Perceive the most likely answer to this whole debate – Jung’s theory is in fact reinforcing everything I have been talking about this summer – another milestone towards kitsch nihilism.

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