Sunday, 28 March 2010

The neurogenetic connection

The nervous system is the only interface we have as living humans to interact with the world. Everything is mediated and processed by the nervous system. In the simplest terms a nervous system is a process that involves the 3 steps of sensing-processing-acting or receiving-integrating-transmitting. In carbon-based organisms, a proto nervous system can be found within a singular cell. The primary sensing organ in this case is the cell membrane, while the sense data is compound chemicals (eg. neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes). In order for a signal to be transmitted from the membrane to the nucleus and back, a highly complex network of chemical interactions is involved within the cell. Using the metaphor of the body, the chemical chains that occur during a routine signaling process within the cell can be likened to the autonomic nervous system. The chains finally end up in the nucleus/brain where they target specific parts of the DNA, the cns of the cell. You get the picture.

My first experience with conscious neurogenetic meditation:

I relaxed my body, and silenced my breath and mind. I energized the somatic, autonomic and central pathways as usual until I felt the swelling electrical sensation across my body. Then I lightly focused on the concept of one centralised place or cell where I could direct my neural impulses that would order it to release the chemicals necessary to signal to the DNA to produce the appropriate proteins. I was intuitively guided to my pituitary and pineal glands which are important secretory centers. At the moment I did not make this realisation as I was in a state of near no-thought unable to make any rationalizations. At this point my initial intent started to unfold as images of transcribing molecules and protein building machines came to mind. Finally I sensed a substance being released in my brain and I felt extremely peaceful like I had taken ketamine but without the hallucinations and the dizziness. I slept in extreme serenity all night and woke up in bliss.

This experience physiologically was no different than a good meditation session. The only difference was the conscious awareness of inner secretions and mechanisms that no doubt take place during a normal meditation session. This is what the neurogenetic connection is all about, becoming aware of the otherwise subconscious processes, eventually gaining control of the unconscious.

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