Sunday, 28 March 2010

a book about a play

This is a book about a play. I play the writer who writes this book. He is writing a book about the play as it plays out. The characters in this play are unaware that a book is being written about them acting in a play. Indeed, only the writer is aware that he is a character within this play because he is his own creation. A character in a play within a play, writing a play about himself in a play within play. This is the kind of play this book is about. The character is as trapped as the writer writes him to be, the writer himself being the character finding oneself as the writer of his own destiny. Driven by the need to fulfill his destiny, the writer writes the story of the character that is writing about the play he finds himself in. The great complexity of this predicament means that this book is written in the varying perspectives just being described.

The main character of the play is Yolanda. In this interplay of plays, the writer tells Yolanda she is the star of the play he is writing. She subsequently lives out this play as it is being written. Her character was created to fulfill this very book. A book called 'Yolanda'. She also happens to be the only one who manages to escape the vicious circle of intertwining plays and prose. After her escape she leaves behind a vacant character whose destiny has been unwritten, remaining fossilised in time and space. After her purposeful deletion from the play, the writer has no option but to write about the destiny of a character frozen within the writer's mind.

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