Thursday, 23 November 2006


Not erotic love, not friendly love, not motherly love, but just pure love – well, as pure as it can get on an otherwise impure planet. Forget all your conceptions and misconceptions, love is just a word, a code applied to a concept that cannot be described by language, for language is merely an imperfect code laid out by imperfect beings, which clearly cannot describe neither perfection nor what lies beyond it. Love is not an emotion, love is not a feeling, love cannot be heard or seen or touched. Love just is. Love has no opposite, no other side, no downside. It cannot be compared to anything, it cannot be measured, it cannot be accounted for. Love is perfect. Love is the sum of the universe, love is the driving force of life, love is every atom and every void, love is you and me. Love is the greatest lesson in this universe. Love is just a word.

Freedom without Love
Yet, if love is everywhere, and love is all there is, then it baffles me to see people completely block it and ignore it as almost something trivial. I do not understand, shouldn’t everyone want to love and be loved? It is the great tragedy of the human condition to oppose its very nature, the billions of atoms filled with love that make us up. Offer your unconditional love to another human being, and they might not even acknowledge the gesture, let alone its content. Open your heart inside out, and hit a brick wall. Utter “I love you” and receive mockery and disbelief. Show them recognition and respect, give them affection and care, pleasure, laughter and sex and they will gladly take it. For some people, these things qualify as love, for some people, this is the only ‘love’ they have ever felt. It saddens me to find how people are totally oblivious and unresponsive to love; it truly devastates me to see how everybody’s hearts are all so completely blocked. People are free, in a prison without love. What a paradox, what an oxymoron, what a tragedy.

Captivity with Love
What happens then, if you find youself in this loveless prison having acquired, understood, been enlightened with Love? Then you recognise your imprisonment, you realise you are not free, you realise you are a captive, a renegade, an outcast in a prison without love. You are innocent, yet found guilty. You love, but your love has no place in this prison. You quickly turn to your fellow prisoners but they think they’re free! You try to give them love, you try to make them understand, but they do not want to see, they do not want to open their hearts, for that would lead to the realisation of their own imprisonment, failing to see how this realisation is the closest they could ever be to actual freedom. Slowly and quite painstakingly, you find others that have opened up their hearts, others that have realised their false freedom, and between yourselves, quietly and carefully plan your escape. You discover that the only means of escape lies within your own heart; you immerse yourself inside it and explore its endless landscapes, and get a glimpse of what freedom really is. Then you return back to the confines of the prison that becomes smaller and more claustrophobic by the minute. This time though, the journeys inside the world of hearts have armed you with some gifts; you have now acquired empathy, unconditional love, inspiration and creativity. With these weapons on your tired back, you unwillingly become a wilful warrior; perhaps now you can fight them guards that have locked you up in this prison, perhaps now you can free all these souls that think they are free. Perhaps…

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