Friday, 3 November 2006

The Tour Guide

*stars for NVC (Non-Verbal Communication)*

…and here we see the *human civilisation*. Yes, these interesting beings were put on a quite hostile planet *a mass place of residence in the material plane* with a highly radioactive absorbent atmosphere that hindered all development throughout the rotating environmental system *the life essence of the planet*; these “humans” had to work against all odds. After they adapted in that environment their intelligence started to gradually escalate. I can’t stress how much their “biological make-up” as they called it *a string of code that was initially used to create them* ran parallel to the environmental conditions, this meant that their physical body *a material representation* was reacting and was vulnerable to these conditions, the result was that they had physical feelings such as *cold, pain, heat, itch and disease* to name a few. In order for this code to work efficiently, a few guidelines were embedded in every sentient being. These were very strict rules, such as the *will to survive, life and death, time, gravity* and of course complete disengagement from the higher planes. As they developed, humans had grown beyond these basic guidelines and moved on to the next set of guidelines *a much more finer set of instructions* that were called *emotions*. The code now ensured a direct interaction between humans and also provided them access to a deeper understanding of being. In the mean time they had developed *logical thinking* an ability created by the effect of linear time and the *law of probability.* This meant that they were developing intelligibly into a better adaptation to the planet, and between each other; with these principles *emotion and logic* they were finally able to name and witness their condition as *humanity.*

They were no longer beings that were only defined by a set of codes, but they became the creators of their own codes and ideas. Yes, they had managed to tap into the faculties of imagination and love, of inspiration and intuition; some of them even managed to escape their physical vehicles. They had in fact moved to an even higher set of codes, a reaction or dare I say, a connection to the higher planes. This connection was very unconscious and something that their emotions would promote but their logic could not fully explain. Thus started *philosophy, mathematics, myth, music, art, magic, religion* which were all based on different combinations of their faculties of logic, emotion, imagination, intuition, creation etc. With these studies, as it were, of that which lied beyond them, beyond their nature and understanding, humanity started the *accumulation* of wisdom, knowledge, memory, image – faculties that were not inherently encoded within them. This meant that they had to develop their own physical codes to store this information for the future *a place in time that eluded them* ensuring the perpetuation of these ideas. Again, the material plane had made it quite hard for them to achieve this, but they gradually found some effective ways such as *verbal communication* and even hard-coding onto material media such as the process of *marking*. Some humans as I said before, managed a direct connection to the higher planes but they as well had to communicate their experiences in these material ways, which of course had their limitations in their extent of translation capacity – this again shows how these beings were greatly hindered by the conditions of physicality.

The nature of these circumstances was what is very interesting about human existence. Humans were in fact, a product of the oxymoron we call physical reality. Their whole existence was in fact an oxymoron, the principle of duality that encoded the material world, the insane concept that *opposites attract*, and they were destined to live a life where all this fragmentation existed all around them, and within them. Their logic versus their emotions, the knowledge, the wisdom, the truth versus material reality. What an amazing place to visit, what a peculiar existence to experience, an anti-reality that poses as reality, and the absurdity of this anti-reality that completely hinders you but simultaneously leads you, pushes you to painstakingly seek for the reality that poses as anti-reality… And thus begun the great migration, millions of beings wanted to go though this existence that promised to teach so much, that could show a completely different perspective, that would add to their already vast bank of knowledge. These external beings mixed with the in-breds to create this vast community of humans constantly striving to understand themselves and the realities and anti-realities that surrounded them. The basic premise was that once you understood the reality of it all through the anti-reality of it all, you would be returned or released back to reality, which would therefore grant you a greater understanding of the reality we call reality. No need to say that it was very easy to get into this plane of existence, but very *hard* to get out of – the hardship was of course all part of the lesson. Yes, I suppose it was an interesting experiment, I heard that they are planning to reconstruct it once more for all them newbies, I, myself, have been part of the 3rd reconstruction of the Earth if I’m not mistaken, went through around 400 life cycles until I was pleased with the level of understanding I developed… It was an interesting experience, I learnt a lot… but I wouldn’t go back, once was enough.

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