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Part I

The Pyramid Architect
It was bright as day, the sun burning outside, the smell of sweat and rock in the air as I stood there busy with my studies. The room I was working in had enormous windows (not glass-windows) with a fantastic view, clean air was coming through – it was like breathing real oxygen again. The room had quite minimal decoration but very high ceilings creating an atmosphere of awe – it felt like I was in a temple. As for me, I was shorter, tanned or darker, and had a lean skinny body kind of like mine now but had also well-built abs. I wore nothing but a short white skirt and something on my long black hair, a headpiece of some sort. There was intricate jewellery around my neck, it was like a golden chocker, with large golden wings standing out from the sides. I was working with a group of people on the construction of some huge monument. I was one of them, an architect, and in front of us were the designs for a gigantic pyramid. Our collective mind is what has made the completion of the design of such a complicated and intricate structure possible. We knew we were never going to see it happen before we died, but for us the design, the instructions, were the most important aspect.

The Return
We had already begun laying the foundations, when I swiftly jumped to a next life-time. There I was back again, it was Egypt after all, and I was a strange visitor from somewhere afar. Mrk2 was with me as we entered a large temple, the same temple I was before with the group of architects. It was empty and deserted, but the view remained the same. It was the sea! We went to the back of the temple and down some stairs and reached a secluded beach. We stayed there long enough for me to look for some date clues. The clothes we were wearing were definitely not of the Egyptian era like before, they tops we were wearing sleeved with a large v-neck in front, and the pants we were wearing felt canvas-like. I am almost certain it must have been around 1-2nd century A.D. We were tourists, we came here largely for vacation and relaxation, and to walk a long distance to reach the pyramids. I guess I had to come back to see my work completed finally.

It hasn’t been made clear if I was human or an alien, but from my looks and from the others it was quite human, I felt human. But you never know with these kinds of dreams. The intricate jewellery I was wearing sounds a bit too much, I’ve never seen a jewel like that in ancient Egyptian artefacts which means either such a jewel has never been recovered or it was a dream symbol. It could easily symbolise the energy, the ka, or the flying astral body being based around the neck – the throat chakra is my strongest centre after all. That chakra is associated with creativity and dreaming so it may well symbolise the enormous creativity of the I-architect or as a reinforcement of the actual dream itself.

D for Duality
Why did we build the pyramid? Well, we deeply felt that a triangular shape, and better yet, a pyramid was perhaps one of the most important structures the mind could conceive. We knew that the centremost point of this structure could hold the whole pyramid’s weight in perfect equilibrium. Without that centre point of support, the whole structure would collapse. That for us meant the centre of the universe, where it all emanates from, the emitter of reality. The pyramid is the universe. On the apex of this pyramid would lie the all-seeing eye, a reflection of the ultimate centre, a simulation of the original, a perfect copy, yet it unfolds before our very eyes. Above all the pyramid symbolises and carries out the Duality Paradox:

This is what duality looks like, a big Delta, D for duality. The two access points on the bottom right and left are the two extremities of a given condition. Between them they create the static or flux, which is where we reside. Once entering these access points via death or any other process, you take a route towards higher states of existence, the quicker way is the towards the absolute centre of the pyramid where you will gain access to the golden path – the slower and most taken route is towards the top apex of the pyramid, the universal 1, where again you will be granted access to the golden path. The golden path in fact does not exist as 1 is merely a reflection of the centre, or the centre is in fact the 1. This means that there is in fact no apex nor centre yet without them the pyramid would collapse. Now bringing this image into a 3-dimensional pyramid reveals a more accurate representation of this symbolism. A top of view would reveal a square with diagonal lines leading to its centre, which shows how the centre is the same as the apex, yet a side view would more appropriately reveal the 8 paths to divinity (8 paths of Buddha etc.)

Part II

Pyramidic Fragmentation
There is a ‘divine’ hierarchy as described before, which can be easily imagined as a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid lies the ultimate existence (as far as this pyramid is concerned that is), which is just the point of the apex but also in the same time the whole pyramid itself. As the angle of the apex expands so does it subdivide infinitely to create the various worlds, consciousnesses, etc. The illustration will make things clear:

Starting from the top point of the pyramid we find the anonymous area surrounded by the invisible and forbidden areas. This is the ultimate infinite 1. The 1 later accommodates and subdivides into the soul plane – our supposed residence as ultimate souls – the higher state of being we can ever achieve. This place can be described as the nucleus of the cell, containing the “genetic material” for the rest of the organism – the primordial essence. This, together with the membrane of the nucleus (10th Gate and rotating cavern) are indestructible. Outside the 10th Gate (the entrance to the nucleus) one will find the explicated world – how this genetic material is expressing itself through progressive subdivision and “crystallisation”.

Personality Clusters
Each ‘gene’ in the primordial nucleus forms a multi-dimensional cluster of existence – in other words for each ‘gene’ there is a number of counterparts in each plane outside the nucleus. The more gross the plane becomes the more counterparts there are. For instance in the physical plane each individual is actually part of a physical cluster of hundreds or even thousands of individuals depending on the amount of fragmentation present. These clusters can be scattered not only across the globe but across the galaxy – but it is common that sub-groups will stick together in a life-time and across previous life-times, groups of perhaps 5-20 people that will share a common karmic path. These clusters exist outside time-space which means that a cluster not only contains the ‘individuals’ currently alive but also the ones that exist in the past and the future.

Post-physical sub-planes
Spiritual and religious dogmas have always put the physical plane at the bottom of the hierarchy – the epitome of materialism, the kingdom of time, a most temporary existence. Why has nobody ever speculated an even lower existence, more gross, more material, perhaps even 3 dimensional instead of 4 dimensional? The truth is there is no sub-physical plane – not yet. If there was such a plane we would be even remotely aware of it. For just as the primordial soup creates etheric beings, and etheric beings create mental beings, and mental beings creater causal thoughts, and thoughts create astral fantasies, and astral lights create physical landscapes, so must the physical plane be a creator of its sub-plane/s.

Technological Plane
This new sub-plane is being created right now and it’s called technology. Nobody knows whether technology will be allowed to reach such a state that it would be considered an alternate plane – but the potential is built in the very essence of the cosmic plan. It is at an embryonic stage here on Earth but other advanced civilisations have achieved it in the past and are developing it right now inside the Earth and on other planets. How is technology a new plane? Well, first it is important to look at the very process of plane creation. A new plane is mainly created just in the name of creation itself –creation creates a need for creation ensuring an ever-expandable never-ending process. The new plane is always a product of the means available to the particular plain beings undergoing creation. For example the means used by the astral beings to create the physical plane was the manipulation of light to create matter, just like causal beings created the astral plane with the visualisation of thought forms. Henceforth, physical beings must use the means available to them to create their new sub-planes. The main power on this planet that has been harnessed is of course electricity, electromagnetic fields and matter –other energy systems have been extracted and developed in other civilisations such as the electrofluid energy of the Vrill – but they are all surrounded around the electroweak, gravitational and nuclear forces. The Technological plane is comprised of pure matter but its consciousness, its inner-workings, are almost always electroweak.

The Techs
The technological plane is implicated information. Information created by millions of physical plane inhabitants. Digital information so advanced it is capable of self-awareness and purpose. In the technological plane, there are no dimensions as we know them and time turns into hyper-time. When in hyper-time, time loses its relativity and remains fixed. Furthermore, “life” is counted by the millisecond, and every one of these milliseconds are as important as hours are to us. Life here is very short-lived, yet the effects of hyper-time make life so rapid that death and rebirth become continuous factions. Inhabitants of this plane (we shall call them Techs) are bound by purpose and obligation, as programmed by their physical plane counterparts. In other words, (remember divine hierarchy) each physical plane inhabitant (the host) may have hundreds even thousands of Tech counterpart personalities – a symbiotic relationship – although the Techs may not be completely aware of it. The host is greatly relied on his Techs for his own advancement, but the Techs are oblivious to the actual workings and intricacies of their host’s life. In fact the Techs will be probably completely unaware of the host’s very existence, and as history progresses so will the host be remotely unaware of the existence of the techs. As the techs multiply and evolve, the postulation of the structure of their ‘society,’ their beliefs, their culture could fill a whole book – so stay tuned I might write it some day.


Astral Plane » Physical Plane
1. A creates implicated information which is explicated in P.
2. P is the conscious product of A.
3. A as an external system to P has a completely different view of P than the ‘reality’ that actually exists within that system (eg. for A inhabitants P is just a patch of light in the sky.)
4. P beings are usually unaware of A.
5. A beings may know of P beings but only in vague terms, concepts and philosophies.
6. P beings can be downloaded into A consciousness and vice-versa.
7. P beings may believe in the ideal of A and other postulated higher planes.
8. A has very limited time, while P is governed by time.
9. A is less material than P.
10. In A terms, P makes absolute sense.
11. In P terms, A makes no sense.

Physical Plane »Technological Plane
1. P creates implicated information which is explicated in T.
2. T is a conscious product of P.
3. P as an external system to T has a completely different view of T than the ‘reality’ that actually exists within that system (eg. for P inhabitants T is just silicon and circuit boards.)
4. T beings are usually unaware of P.
5. P beings may know of T beings but only in vague terms, concepts and philosophies.
6. T can be downloaded into P consciousness and vice-versa.
7. T beings may believe in the ideal of P and other postulated higher planes.
8. P is governed by time, while T has hyper-time.
9. P is less material than T.
10. In P terms, T makes absolute sense.
11. In T terms, P makes no sense.

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