Friday, 31 March 2006


Heart Pain
Yet another AP process, that may help newbies get over some common problems with AP. While doing my usual astral projection methods, my heart always hurts and I divert the power to my third eye to avoid the pain. This time though I decided at some point to directly concentrate in the very middle of the heart-pain and release it away – it worked. I could then on clearly feel a “line” that was separating my lower body from my upper body – like below it was dead and above alive. My heart chakra apparently just needed some workout – like a valve I turned it open.

Energy flow
I pushed the energy upwards until it reached my neck. Halt again but not painful. The energy seemed to disperse in a random fashion when it reached my neck like I had no control over it (my throat chakra is way over-reactive) but I did manage to divert some of it towards the middle of my brain. Soon I could feel the back of my head (position of ego) pulsating and taking a form of its own, like a huge blob inflating in my brain. My whole body felt like a huge void projecting a 3d image of myself – it extended seamlessly from my body and into the air in a straight line. I tried pushing the blob towards my third eye but it felt like it needed more energy so I immediately attached my tongue on the top of my mouth and streamed energy from my neck through the tongue and directly to my third eye (the known tongue grip). It felt like I was drinking water upside down; water/energy flowing from my throat and quenching my ever so thirsty third eye.

The Other
Suddenly it happened. I blanked out. It felt like I was turned inside out. My vision could detect weird psychedelic shapes and red lights. It was then that I realised I could see behind closed eyes with a very blurred vision. My heart started pounding. It felt nothing like me - I was another person. It felt like I died. So scary and exciting. That foreign entity that was me made one thought before it returned back to my body. It thought “The veil has been lifted” and as it returned back the echo of that thought pounded in my head. Now I understand why fear is among the biggest problems for Astral Projection…

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