Tuesday, 13 December 2005


Tuesday the 13th, that’s an unlucky day where I come from, hence today I’m locked in the house. Anyway, I have a list of ideas for books that I plan to start writing on one point or another (like very long-term projects) and some that I have already started. The most recent one that I have started is the one about mother – a book I always wanted to write ever since my childhood just because she’s always been such a book character kind of person. Of course now in light with the more suicidal events the book has become even more dark and ugly, which is good obviously.

So… I’ve written some chapters, and I have laid out the first draft structure, and man its bleak! I don’t think anyone would read this, I mean chapters names like “Psychiatric Ward I” or “Hospital Bed II”, it’s some scary shit. Obviously the macabre themes will be balanced with a very cynic/sarcastic tone of voice – but cynicism in the end is what will make it even more miserable. But it is a very depressing story so maybe I should just play along? Or just scrap the whole thing. Would anybody read one of the most depressing stories of all time? It would make a good “The Hours” kind of movie, although that had a kind of good ending right? The Hours actually share some similarities with this story, I remember I was biting my nails when I was watching it. Suicidal mother, gay junkie son, suicidal mother escaping to a hotel room to kill herself, gay son finally killing himself. Nice movie indeed. Barfff!

Anyway, I’m going to start posting parts of the book when I feel like it, so watch this space. Share the misery!:)

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