Tuesday, 22 November 2005

siamese twins

So I was watching this thing on TV about Siamese twins that are attached on the head so their brains are kind of attached to each other. I mean its really freaky as it is – but there was this particular story that made such an impact.

It was these Siamese girls who are like the oldest Siamese twins alive around 44 years old, and who have, well, their heads stuck to each other. It gets pretty uncomfy as it is, but wait there’s more, one of the twins is impaired also, so the other one who is fine has to carry the other one around as she can’t walk at all. She’s also one fat-ass motherfucker, which means that the strong sister is very butch and muscular so she can carry the fat one. (they’re both fat but she’s like this weird kind of obesity, she looks like a pancake) Obviously this kind of relationship between siblings is quite fucked up. For example they play this game where the fat-ass one pretends to be a baby and the butch one pretends to be its mother – which clearly reflects their relationship also. The butch one is also quite antisocial whilst the impaired fat-ass one wants to have a career in singing (??) so she drags her poor sister around to gigs where she has to stand there STUCK on her sister while she sings hideously – and then she has to carry her back home. I mean what an unfortunate existence these two. It is indeed amazing how strong they are and how they are trying to lead as much ‘normal’ lives as they can.

Anyway, my point was imagine this people’s karma. I mean they have obviously plotted this whole thing from before – why would they choose such an existence? They obviously had a lover relationship in their previous life and this is the clarification of their relationship… but why so drastic measures? The whole symbolism of one having to carry the other one around is just biblical. The butch one is obviously paying more karma here while the other one is being taken care of. Forcing your very existence to be so intertwined with another clearly indicates a very concentrated karma – and a very radical one. They have chosen to be truly miserable, ugly, fat and freaks – and together they have chosen to go through this. Perhaps an example of twin souls gone wrong? Two souls trying to understand each other – to be one another – physically and literally. That is such a weird concept.

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