Saturday, 14 July 2012


You gave me life
You gave me love
You took your life
You took my love.

I say love,
I have no love.
It’s just a metaphorical,
Linguistic love.

Sick to my stomach,
I look at your pictures.
I am making a selection,
Of your happy moments.

Your smile makes me cry,
Your life makes me die.
What have you done?
What could have been...

I say you,
There is no you.
Just a fictional imaginary,
Literary You.

Plain vocabulary,
Mutually constructed pain.
Chemically induced,
Symbol-based strain.

Comforting grammar,
Aggregations of words,

Signals with no meaning,
Perpetuate life.

I say life,
This is no life.
Just a compulsory,
Involuntary absurdity.

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