Friday, 22 October 2010


The only advice I can give to anyone, is to be aware. To try and be conscious of as much as possible at any given moment.
The external environment, the sky, the weather, the pressure, the temperature, the presence or absence of light, air, colours, sounds, smells, tastes, every object, animal and person and their relative position, people's appearance, movements, language, feelings and moods, their reactions to things, people and you.

The continuously incoming energy that keeps you alive, oxygen, light, sustenance. The function of your organs, muscles and bones. Your motor and sensory movements, seeing, smelling, breathing, eating, walking, talking. The flow of nutrients in your blood stream, of essence in your lymphatic system, of electrical potentials in your nervous system. The stream of matter that is translated by sensory organs into perception. How it all connects in your brain, how it all seems to work without thinking.
Your every thought, emotion, reaction and decision. The way you separate the outside world from the inside world, the way you distinguish yourself from other people. How you can recognise patterns, sense time, store and recall memories, focus on a particular action, separate perceptions into discrete categories, create mental imagery and physical artefacts, process numbers and derive meaning. The obsession with the whys and hows.

The formation of culture and language and how they influence thought and sense-perception.  The comprehension of words and concepts as artefacts, and the distinction between genetic knowledge and cultural knowledge. The history of your ancestors, the evolution of your species.
The movement of the earth, moon, and planets, the sun, the stars and intermixing galaxies and superclusters and universes ahead.
The communication between every cell of your body, the chemical reactions within, the production of proteins and sequences of nucleic acids.
The interaction of the molecules that make you up, the atoms that hold you together, the veil of quarks underneath and the unknown abyss that lies beneath. The mathematical nature of these symbols, the symbolic nature of mathematics.

The actuality of an infinite number of processes that can be perceived at any given moment, by any given sensing mechanism. The actuality of an infinite number of processes beyond perception and consciousness.

How all the above interconnect and overlap each other; all connecting nodes, synapses of a massive mind. Soon everything becomes a seamless experience, a continuous flow of life. This Flow you will witness yourself perhaps as an overwhelming giant river, a torrent that rushes from infinity into infinity, an inspiration. Continuously changing and evolving, its overlapping concepts reproducing and multiplying, dense in hyper-information. The Big Bang. A message zipping through a cable made out of crystalline textures, shimmering unto each other; the gushing of nutrients through the blood stream or the synaptic code that sweeps through a mind it creates. A loop, a continuous flow of data interpretation, a continuous reiteration, reinterpretation, explication, expression, rehashing, reflection, reordering, reconstruction of the same thing. Pure (meaningless) meaning.

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