Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Self-remembering log

Fragments from my log of self-remembering and day reversal techniques:

5 May 2010 09:27

The waking up exercise
Remember to remember
Bring thoughts to back of brain to dispel them
Thoughtlessness gives a natural high of waking upness
Awake and conscious
Stopping the continuous blabbing of the voice of the machine
There's a difference between conscious thinking and mechanical automatic thinking
Conscious thinking is creative whereas automatic thinking is repetitive monotonous and does not yield any results


11 Jun 2010 20:21

Incoming sensory data
Do not judge
Do not be attracted or repulsed
Accept and let go
Do nothing


2 June 2010

Breaking free from cultural stereotypes

Cultural artifacts

a result of self remembering is the conscious distinction between cultural artifacts and natural objects. There is also a growing awareness of the cultural interpretation of natural objects and the realisation that cultural artifacts are reconfigured, manipulated or otherwise coded natural objects and phenomena. This results in the need to break free from the cultural point of view but...


21 June 2010

If self remembering leads to thoughtlessness, then thoughtfulness leads to self remembering. The continuous effort to be aware of my thought processes has led me to a perpetual state of meta thinking. I become an observer of my thoughts and then an observer of the observer and so on, in the vain of the classic humunculus paradox. But there's something else, the rigorous questioning and rethinking of my thoughts is leading to a conceptual breakdown, and behind this veil of concepts and ideas there's a new viewpoint that goes beyond any cultural conditioning, a true objective- subjective experience. There's a need to distinguish between cultural perceptions and archetypal DNA symbolism, but also to recognise where these two intersect.

Is the shutting out of cultural perceptions the first step towards an advanced state of perception? Or should cultural precepts be integrated and accepted as part of the evolutionary path? DNA awareness is definitely the next step after neurosomatic and synaptic awareness.

20 Jul 2010 17:28
Review of the day. Each evening, going backwards through the day recalling its events, its sequential unfolding (experienced here reversed in time), the people one has met, etc.
20 Jul 2010 17:14
In imaginative cognition, the meditant aims to achieve thinking independent of sensory perception through concentration on either visual forms of symbolic significance never encountered in the sensory world (e.g. a black cross with a circle of seven red roses superimposed upon it), metamorphoses (e.g. the growth cycle of a plant from seed to mature flower), or mantric verses spoken aloud or silently (e.g. verses for each week of the year intended to connect the meditant with the rhythms of nature).
In inspiration, the meditant seeks to eliminate all consciously chosen meditative content to open a receptive space in which objective spiritual content (impressions stemming from objective spiritual beings) may be encountered. The meditative activity established in imaginative cognition is set forth without concrete content.
The stage of intuition is achieved through practicing exercises of will (e.g. reviewing the sequence of the day's events in reverse order).[6] At this stage, the meditant seeks unity with the creative forces of the cosmos without any loss of his or her individualized consciousness.

21 Jul 2010 12:27

Integrate all experiences internal and external
Eliminate all negativity internal and external - all Negs big and small, seek them out, understand them and assimilate
Composure find peace and balance of emotion, radiate warmth and security, calm smile
Self remembering, state of wakefulness and control of thought, conscious awareness of cultural meme, sensory and genetic influences. Reduction of unnecessary linguistic thinking
Open clear path to objective truth and data from beyond sensory world
Follow creative and inspirational pursued, use memes to communicate and contribute to clarification and resolution of culture - continuous harmonious access to creative sources of inspiration
Discover and resolve ongoing patterns and cycles, continuously refer to past experiences to prevent repetition of mistakes- learn, evolve. This van be achieved by daily reviews, yearly overviews, constant self reflection and self remembering
Develop effortless patience, impartiality and acceptance

17 Aug 2010 09:36
The self illusion

The notion of self probably arose with the appearance of Machiavellian intelligence somewhere between the emotional and rational stages - thinking as an individual could have been an evolutionary advantage in an increasingly social existence

I: the empirical self
a congregation of stored experiences, impressions and acquired memes

Cultural- linguistic statements
Verbs, separation. Fragmentation, objectification, individuation

I. Me, you, he, she, us, them, they
I am, I like, I want, I desire, I believe, I need

21 Aug 2010 14:28
Personality alterations

Enter a state of flexible personality

Be always consciously aware of the moment

Be consciously aware of all the energies in play, the cosmic background of any given moment

Always remember that anything and everything perceived consciously or subconsciously is a manifesting concept. An idea within a universal mind machine

Be able to alter bodily functions at will

Understand and dissolve or channel emotions on the spot

Basically live the now

Recognise, Deconstruct or dissolve the various conflicting cultural tensions that comprise Faux ego

Discover the true self beyond cultural conditioning, beyond language

Inner stillness, realisation of temporary attachment without detachment

Control of all functions - meta programming

Self- Reflectivity, reaching the bounds of molecular experience, the final physical loop, reaching infinity, mind seeing itself

State of no self, emptiness, void, Buddhahood

Absurdity of language and mathematics, nonsensical reality, collapse of reality

Ability to construct, deconstruct and reconstruct reality tunnels at will, consciously

21 Aug 2010 13:21
Deconstruction regime
Cultural tensions to be dissolved
Language based drama
Emotional knots from cultural drama
Classic logic
Linguistic knots and thought patterns
Linguistic thinking
Linguistic communication
Cultural skin judgement
Behavioral judgement
Cultural aesthetic judgement
Cultural norms for living
Genetic dispositions
Raw sensory data
Emotions from genetic drama
Aesthetic genetic judgement
Energy replenishment - negative entropy - survival

Replication, reproduction

25 Aug 2010 18:37
Day reversal is imperative in deconstruction - self remembering

It helps to identify behavioral and reality patterns

To untangle memetic knots, both linguistic and visual

Brings to surface invisible influences, imprints and access points to deeper neural processes

It offers a unique temporal perspective that allows for an overview of experience as intra personal, transpersonal and post personal

31 Aug 2010 09:15
The obvious result of self remembering is the realisation that there is no self. It strips off bit by bit the layers of cultural conditioning, sensory perceptions, interceptions, linguistic constructs, thoughts, personality, identity, genetic makeup, molecular makeup. It is basically an empirical version of deconstructivism. Liberating as it may feel, with each layer shed there is the discovery of a new one, and old layers are quick to re-emerge if one does not actively and continuously work on reversal and deconstruction. Now, in a post molecular state, the layer of atoms is ahead and is perhaps the last and most elusive layer of the personal self. How can one break the very fabric of space and yet continue living. The atomic conditioning. The ultimate break down of individuality.

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