Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Mathematical ontologies

All perceptions can be reduced to chemical interactions within and between cells

Chemical interactions can be described as energy exchange (electron release or uptake/ particle interactions)

Energy exchange can be described in pure mathematical language

Mathematical language can be seen as the code that describes perceptions and their underlying mechanisms

As this code permeates or produces everything perceptible, perceptions can only be described by this code

If the only thing we are aware of is our perceptions, then the only way to perceive our own perceptions is to reduce them to mathematical code

This universal code, or unified field is the limit of our perceptions.

We cannot perceive anything simpler or beyond this code simply because our perceptions are produced and limited by this code. One could say that the mathematical code is the ultimate/purest human perception.

The ontological nature of mathematical objects or precepts as non- physical entities is probably what religious and spiritual mythologies allude to with their various metaphors.

Reality, perception, conception, consciousness are products of mathematical interactions.

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