Sunday, 29 November 2009

musings of a drunken fool

Mummy you brought me to life,
carried me in your insides,
fed me with your fluids,
nurtured my synapses,
and loved me unconditionally.

I fell in love with you from

the first time I opened my eyes.
That familiar heartbeat,
that beautiful smell,
that incredible innocence.

I was yours and you were mine,
we were hooked to each other
for what seemed to be an eternity.

Our love didn't change
until one day you were gone.

My heart was completely crashed,
but I painfully rebuilt it when you returned.
Until you left me again,
and then came back again.
Sometimes you were gone
and back in a day.

When it seemed you were back for good,
Our love naturally resumed,
and we both rejoiced.
We could finally get to know each other again.
We could finally be in love again.

Mummy you killed me,
poured a tank of gasoline
all over my heart,
lit it with a matchstick,
and burnt it to ashes.

(Entropy goes only one way,
and fire is so permanent.
I will never be happy ever again,
there is no question,
my greatest love of all is gone.)

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