Monday, 11 May 2009

The End

Yolanda stepped out of the car and her body. Through the window she could see herself igniting the mass of meat she once called her temple. She was not interested in the doings of her body anymore, in fact she had lost any interest in all things terrestrial, her mind set to the stars. This body’s function had come to an end – there was no use in it left and she felt no remorse for its demise. She turned away from the car as the flames completely enveloped her lifeless blackened face. With new found clarity she slowly walked through the sunlit field – she could only perceive silence. With all her bodily organs absent, she felt light as a feather. The weight of her once overbearing brain had gone, no more thoughts, no more voices, no more feelings and memories. The constant excruciating inflammation of her fiery heart was now quenched with the coolness of silent haze. The hollowness of her insatiable stomach was replaced by the fullness of the promise of an ending. She continued down the field, her self-awareness like a white dress slowly slipping off of her.

Behind her the car had burst into flames and two young firemen who had seen the fire from afar ran to see what was happening. She conveniently parked the car just near a fire brigade – after all, she did not want to cause any harmful fires. To her these boys were merely shadows from the distant realm of everydayness, where life carries on from day to day trapped within bodies of malfunctioning organs. These shadowy creatures, unable to interact directly with their environment in any meaningful manner were thus forever condemned to a life behind shadows and objects. Unable to put out the fire themselves for their meaty constitution would not have been able to withstand the heat, these creatures brought forth devices that contained a substance that could drown her fires. Through the windows white, thick smoke dust ejaculated from these devices and onto the red and orange tongues of heat. The dust particles penetrated the fires reaching Yolanda’s flaming body, and although it could feel nothing, for her spirit this felt like a thousand rivers had finally come to extinguish her never ending fire.

As the heavens opened and flooded on her, the last crusts of her self-awareness peeled off and washed away. Any sense of identity and personality, any hint of an ego and false conceptions simply diluted within the cosmic waters. She was no longer Yolanda, she was indeed dead. Yolanda would only be true within the dark cavities of the memories of the people that had known her in the world of shadows, memories that would eventually dilute themselves into the oblivion and fragility of the human condition. As the fires evaporated into smoke off her dead body, so did the last parts of her existence drowned within the infinity of these cosmic waters.

To their astonishment the firemen discovered a perfectly sculpted statue behind the fires.

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