Thursday, 25 October 2007

Ode to Polz II

Inside the symmetrical temple, the divine creatures worked tirelessly to create her. They used only top-quality material: love, power, beauty, energy, and supreme feeling. They carefully sculpted every bit of her being with extreme precision and attention to detail. They gave her powers beyond human understanding, she was, after all, a divine creation herself just posing as a human being. Finally when their work was done, they placed her inside a glass egg for preservation and display. She was probably the most prized possession of their museum of extraordinary entities, a creature engineered to perfection; tourists spent hours gazing at her beauty and absorbing the energy she so gladly emitted for everyone to share. Anyone who laid eyes on her would be blessed with luck and good charms, anyone who received her sparkling energy would be raised high above the ground and into the soft, swirling clouds.

Perhaps she didn’t know her purpose, no one ever told her after all, that she would be the model for generations of humans to come. Next to her glass egg, new concepts were being displayed as the divine creatures worked for this new reality they called physicality. On her right lied time and space, two truly odd constructs that would accommodate these new beings. On her left lied a map of the universe, a virtual reality populated with interesting structures such as stars and black holes, engineered with precision to assure the sustainability of this new system. The tourists were obviously interested in these new ideas, perhaps one day they would be able to experience this virtual reality, but their true eagerness always remained on the image of this beautiful creature and the possibility of a world populated by numerous such creatures.

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