Sunday, 27 September 2009


#about her

#1 (one of the first ones) Her ghost is circling the house. Her image is the same as the last time I saw her. She goes round and round the house hauntingly repeating in English: "To be granted redemption you must let go of your fiction." I assume this is her explanation for her death and I recognise that it is just a projection of an image but I don't care. I run after her trying to catch her and hug her, only to catch thin air.

#2 (Irene's dream) A bridge over a gushing river is separating Irene and her. I stand in the middle of the bridge. Irene wants to cross the bridge to reach the other side and ask her why she did it. I shout to her to stop trying as there is no point asking a ghost for answers.

#3 I fly to the outreaches of space to find her trapped inside a massive glass bubble. She is floating inside it, arms and legs wide apart. She is completely immobile and unaware, with her eyes wide open. She seems to be in a continuous manic state, fire burning within her. She is in a hell of her own. I try to break through the bubble to let her free but I am unable to do so.

#4 (Irene's dream) The family goes to the sea for a day trip. At the restaurant next to the beach Irene keeps asking her why she did it, but she won't answer. Irene finally says: "I know why you won't answer, you are just a figment of my imagination, you don't exist, I am just recreating you in my mind and therefore you have no answers."

#5 Irene, Nikos, Markos and I are hanging out in a new flat. It looks like it might be in London. At some point Irene and Nikos go out to get food. At that moment everything goes dark and mum appears. She says we don't have a lot of time and that she didn't want Irene to see her. In the mean time outside a storm picks up. She is really in a hurry and she quickly gives me her various e-mail and facebook passwords and I try to memorise them all. Suddenly lightning strikes electrifying the atmosphere, and the whole flat is shaken up like a giant glass ball inside a rolling barrel – the glass shattering to all directions. Markos and I manage to escape from a broken window and climb up the drain pipes to the neighbour's balcony. Irene and Nikos come back and she disappears.

#6 (lucid dream) She comes back from the dead, and does what she did with the car again, only this time she survives and is brought to the hospital just like the first time she burnt herself. I go to visit her at the emergency room, she is again swollen, attached to tubes and passed out. I keep telling her that I love her but she does not respond. The doctors tell us that she is stabilised and that we can go home to rest. When I get home I call her and say: "I am saying I love you again because I did not manage to tell you last time." She wakes up and says: "I love you too baby" and passes away again.

#7 In a post-apocalyptic landscape, a mass evacuation is taking place in Cyprus, everybody from the South migrating to North Cyprus. In the crazy mob and confusion dad and I lose each other. He goes to the North to find me while I go towards the South. In the mean time I'm talking on the phone to Irene and grandma who are telling me to go to the South and I sense they are hiding something from me. In the South I find mum – she has come back from the North. She has a new haircut and she looks beautiful. I am over the moon to see her at last after being apart for so long. Irene tells me it was a surprise that's why they didn't want to tell me. Apparently dad was in it as well and he awaits for me in a beautiful park in South Cyprus. There is a general sense of closure, of everything coming to an end, not just emotionally with mum and the family but also physically the whole world coming to an end.

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