Saturday, 27 January 2007


I've had some grounding problems that were causing great discomfort in my everyday life, my excessive meditations and obsession with all things spiritual completely removed me from my physical existence, I'd find myself floating just above my head most of the time and seeing everything from a non-physical perspective. I felt completely disconnected from the physical world to the extent of looking at myself in the mirror and just seeing an image of a mere vehicle, a distant physical representation of myself. This ended up in a short depression period when I decided to take control of the situation and literally ground myself! The same night of this decision I had one last projection that explained to me a lot of things about my purpose here on earth and after that, communication with the higher planes stopped.
See, in order to be a balanced individual, one needs to be in touch with both physical and spiritual planes, one shouldn't take over the other. Now I'm more grounded than ever, my dreams have returned back to normal mundane dreams, I'm taking care of my physical vehicle as my own and I have to say I feel fantastic. When I feel I am fully grounded, I will start a morning mantra meditation to reconnect with the above!

My grounding recipe:
1. Take care and love your body as your own: do not neglect to feed it, daily exercise (gym & yoga), eat healthily, do not smoke, drink or do any drugs, take time to groom it and clean it. Make it look pretty!
2. Meditate on lower chakras, especially your neglected base chakra that can ease you back to earthly existence, pranayama and energy raising to lower 3 chakras.
3. Carry a grounding stone with you, I have an Onyx always in my left pocket, but an Obsidian and other black stones should do the trick.
4. Apply an Amethyst on your forehead when going to sleep. This will soften up the third eye, quiet your over-active mind and also give you pleasant lucid dreams!
5. Have frequent sex with a loved one, sex is a great grounding tool that can balance your over-active heart. Just release all the energy from your heart during... love-making
6. Make sure to socialise at least once a week and appreciate people around you, friends or not. Talking about everyday, mundane, non-spiritual stuff will balance your over-active throat chakra.

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