Monday, 15 February 2016

Western Limbo

To exist, to insist
Job to job, moving, renting.
Mortgages and taxes,
Relationships, failures, sex.
Illnesses, health issues,
Body image, skin and wrinkles.
Food and diets and exercise,
Stress and sore muscles and hairloss,
Eyebrow plucking and leg waxing.
Grocery shopping and bill paying,
Gift buying and clothes returning.
Abortions and miscarriages and babies.
Social events and small talk,
Marriages and ceremonies,
Reality shows and b-rate celebrities.
Gadgets and toys, pill popping:
Viagra, xanax, propecia.
Pretending to be in denial,
Pretending to live,
Going through the motions
Switching off,
Turning on auto pilot.

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