Saturday, 30 March 2013


*do not read, just look

War racism prejudice sexism discrimination classism oligarchy monarchy dictatorship empires kingdoms democracies bureaucracy villages towns cities exploitation refugees genocide slavery prostitution child-labour hunger poverty unemployment work commuting salaries wages debts mortgages bills loans banks economies money corporations laws rules clauses judges lawyers victims crimes prisons churches religions priests manipulation segregation genocide hate demons angels fanaticism sheepism tribalism cannibalism capitalism communism socialism politics football ethics philosophy science culture modernism media information communication television radio internet newspapers magazines tabloids celebrity gossip censorship bias objectification humiliation trauma rape suicide self-immolation murder torture abuse addiction drugs alcoholism gambling sadism masochism promiscuity prostitution deceit self-destruction kindergarten  school university education propaganda bullying armies captains uniform fashion trends architecture art technology computers laptops phones mice keyboards ergonomics cubicles stress bosses employees drones proletariat overtime retirement insurance pension post-traumatic stress obsession compulsion mania depression schizophrenia multiple sclerosis  cancer doctors nurses medicine medication pills injections plaster surgeries transplants transfusions modification contagion wealth luxury waste rubbish pollution deforestation recycling food kitchen plates forks knives spoons teaspoons pots pans steamer oven cooker fridge dishwasher cuisine Western eastern Asian American European African globalisation analytic continental Buddhist Hindu Zoroastrian Jewish Christian Muslim multinational conglomerates immigration emigration diaspora trains cars boats rafts aeroplanes trams buses houses flats bungalows caravans skyscrapers districts suburbia malls irrigation desalinisation overproduction abattoirs supermarkets shops consumerism clothes trousers shirts socks pants vests lingerie dildos buttplugs condoms coils lubricant  soap shampoo blow drier straightener polish gel wax grease tweezers inertia boredom procrastination obesity housewives bread-earners accountants advertising marketing harvesting famine revolution constitution strikes unions committees organisations federations weapons bombs guns mines rockets shuttles spaceships satellites space-rubbish

Dark-beating linguistic constructs hunt me down

In a jumble of construed meaning I slowly drown
Words repeat and weave and multiply
They imprint themselves and we identify.

This is my vision.

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