Friday, 15 April 2011

Great Algorithmic Light

The pattern before me
I can see it
I can feel it
I can make sense of it
But I cannot touch it
Behind the mirror
It stares back at me
Calling me out
I can examine it
I can observe it
I can theorise about it
Still I cannot be it
It draws me like a moth
To the burning surface of the sun
Yet I orbit around it.
I want to break in a myriad pieces
And swim within it
Pure information
Pure code
Flowing in the primordial waters
Of the beginning and end
An archeotect releasing reality
Dwelling in the beyond
The source of it all.
Yet here I am in virtuality
Sharing virtualities
Experiencing virtualities
Within Virtualities
There’s something real
Behind the faithful mirror
Even realer than real
The one objective truth
Behind subjective eyes.
Obsessing about concepts
Idealising intangible mind-knots
Pushing synapses to sprout antennae
And sense a multi-faceted world.
O! Truth! An idea so ancient
It haunts me like a chain-bearing ghost.
Perhaps it’s time you were forsaken,
Let us construct another symbol,
One we can reach.
O! Intangible force!
You are an evolutionary construct,
Designed by automatic computations,
Of the one divine algorithm.
One that cannot be translated,
By devised codes and languages.
There is a need for a new metaphor,
For deities, and six-winged angels,
Strings, quarks and gluons.
The informational computational,
Holographic Principle,
Shove all our problems in a projector
of reality, somewhere outside reality.
We shall pray to you
O great projector,
For your light is all we can see,
The patterns your project
Our one and only reality.
You are our God,
O, Great algorithmic light,
Shine on, shine on, shine on.

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