Tuesday, 4 October 2005

MRKISM//Concept Order

This will be an updated list of universal truths as I experience them through meditation, lucid dreams and trances, as well as insights revealed from inspired books.

Law of Kitsch Nihilism:
Zero: Reality is a very complicated order of zero.
Fluidity: We are the creators of our reality
Vicious Circle: We constantly go through theoptosis and theogony.
Dimensions: There are infinite dimensions times infinite definitions of dimension:

Consciousness is the ultimate dimension that perceives or creates dimensions, that infinitely intercept each other creating infinite copies of one another, while being influenced by unthinkable terms beyond consciousness. Consciousness is all and zero.

Dimensions so far:
1. Subjective dimension –consciousness perceives a dimension
2. Interceptive dimension –consciousness intercepts itself
3. Thought dimension – consciousness creates a dimension
4. Holistic dimension – consciousness is a dimension
5. Infinite dimension – each dimension is a copy of itself
6. Dimension X – consciousness is intercepted and influenced by unthinkable terms beyond it.
7. True dimension – consciousness is all
8. Nihilistic dimension – consciousness is zero

We are comprised of multiple personalities/beings.
It is a natural/compulsory process to advance ‘spiritually’
Karmic Leaps – one for all and all for one
Infinity Cells – consciousness made out of consciousness made out of consciousness.

Law of Miserabilia: Misery is embedded within our very existence.

Law of Matter:
The material human brain is finite and predictable
Our world is as real as it is fake.
Matter is a product of consciousness.

Law of Hierarchy:
We are divided into 4 categories of villagers, traders, soldiers and philosophers.
Incomplete religions will take you up to a certain level/dimension.

Love is not an emotion, it’s a state of selflessness. (eros » sticking together » unity » selflessness)
One must always be aware of the falseness of it all.
The goal of MRKISM is emptiness, nothingness, zero.
Thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations are all convertible energy.

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