Saturday, 17 September 2005


The new version of LeBlog has received raving reviews!

"Today on Friday the 16th the notorious mrk renowned for the ambiguous and thought-provoking Whorella amongst other projects has unveiled the much anticipated version 2. of LeBlog. Rumours have been flying for months now, some doubted that mrk would ever be able to rise to the occasion, others were unaware of mrk's intended renovation--but all wondered what mrk would do this time.
A figure that's hard to categorise, a prolific writer, mocker, professional cynic, an artist and a student of meditation, mrk is embodiment of the post-modern ideal. However, behind the seeming randomness comes a focused intensity of interests and attack on previously unquestioned ideals. LeBlog has come to bridge the gap between mrk and his following, or dare I suggest, perhaps accentuate it? But what does the new version have to offer that the older one lacked?

The stylistic changes are welcome--LeBlog is now easier to read and more manageable. It is still highly sophisticated and challenging to the reader but LeBlog will now be more accessible to the wide public. Whilst others might welcome this a positive change, and even though I do not wish to express a personal opinion, I feel obliged to ask what brought about this change. Is mrk more will to conform? Does mrk want to be understood? Does mrk care about his readers? Why is the index to the left hand site now? What does the black hiatus in the right hand site of the page signify? Perhaps the void that mrk feels, a void he is ready to fill in by acceptance by the new readers who will finally be able to read LeBlog? I can only raise this questions without hope of answering them, for I must relief myself of urinal fluid and alas I will lose my train of thought. "

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